City Studios, Cyprus, Compares Mastering Houses!

By June 11, 2014Uncategorized

Our client Andreas Georgallis from City Studios in Cyprus talks about his experience using SING Mastering on his latest project! “My name is Andreas Georgallis, and I’m the owner of City Studios in Cyprus (Eastern Europe). In the process of producing a new single, “An Me Thimase” for artist Despina Olympiou for Cyprus’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, I decided to try 3 different Mastering houses to Master the song so that we could get the best quality possible. For many years I used a well known mastering house in the UK. I had them master the song, and I also had a popular mastering house in Australia master it.

SING Mastering was the third, and an outsider to be honest. After receiving all 3 mastered versions I set them up in my Control Room and was ready to do the A/B (and C in this case) comparison. Despina Olympiou The UK and Australian versions were so close that I couldn’t even tell the difference between the two! But then I played the SING Mastering version and I was completely blown away at the HUGE Difference. Not just in volume but in clarity and overall transient response and dynamics. The vocal was so warm and transparent it stunned me. Colin not only respected my mix, he added more to my mix then I could have ever imagined. Colin and SING Mastering were invaluable in their input and suggestions as well as helping us finish the other versions of the song on our deadline.

Thank you Colin and SING mastering for everything, and being part of our Eurovision Song Contest team! From now on you are the City Studios Solution for Mastering!” We would like to thank you Andreas and City Studios, for being such a great client and awesome mixing engineer!

-Colin Leonard SING Mastering